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Protect your family, your business, and your personal identity with simple, comprehensive coverage from LegalShield and IDShield.

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  • Privacy & Security Monitoring.

  • High-risk account monitoring.

  • Social Media Monitoring.

  • Credit Monitoring.

  • Credit Inquiry Alerts.

  • Instant hard inquiry alerts.

  • Consultation.

  • Full-Service Restoration.

  • 1 Million Dollar Service Guarantee. 

Coverage starts at




Reasons to use your Law Officer’s Legal Plan:
• You are served with a lawsuit for improper arrest
• An inmate commits suicide while you’re on duty
• You discharge your weapon out-of-state to confront an
active shooter
• Your insurance claim is denied
• You are tired of hidden cell phone fees
• Landlord raises rent in violation of your verbal
• A creditor tries illegal collection tactics
• You have a lease or other document to sign that you
don’t understand

1. On-The-Job Coverage
• Dedicated hours for administrative hearings, termination hearings, and lawsuits
• 24/7 Emergency access

2. Off-The-Job Coverage
• Dedicated hours for lawsuits
• 24/7 Emergency access in all 50 states
• Legal consultations

3. Family Coverage
Member, spouse or significant other, and dependent children covered at no additional charge (see your plan contract for complete coverage details).

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