Unlimited topics, personal or business even on pre-existing conditions.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

After-hours legal consultation for covered legal emergencies. Specific coverage depends on plan, such as if you’re arrested or detained, if you’re seriously injured, if you’re served with a warrant, or if the state tries to take your child(ren).

Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf

Available at the discretion of your Provider Lawyer

Legal Document Review Contract/document review up to 10

pages each - for an unlimited number of personal documents and 1 business document per membership year.

Standard Will Preparation

  • Will preparation and annual reviews an
    updates for covered members.

  • Available to covered family members for $20.

  • Other documents available: Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney.

Tragic Accident Representation

It's your worst nightmare-a tragic accident resulting in loss of life, especially in the line of duty. 

LegalShield will pay the legal fees of your provider law firm for your defense if you are criminally charged with Negligent Homicide or Vehicular Homicide, including Manslaughter. This also applies for covered members of your family. 

Administration & Termination Hearing Representation

  • Legal Consultation, advice, and representation for two administrative inquiries/investigations per membership year.

  • Advice, counsel, and representation for one pre-termination hearing per membership year. 

  • Pre-trial prep work and trial representation for post-termination hearings as described in the chart below:

Trial Defense

Assistance if you or your spouse is named defendant or respondent in a covered civil or job-related criminal action filed in court.



25% off additional legal services

You may continue to use your provider law firm for legal situations that extend beyond the plan coverage. 

The additional services are 25% off the law firm's standard hourly rates. Your provider law firm will let you know when the 25% discount applies and go over these fees with you. 

General Provisions:

You may use your preferred member discount and phons consultation benefit or any plan exclusions: fines; court costs; penalties; expert witness fees; bonds; bail bonds; and any out-of-pocket expenses are your responsibility and are not part of your membership fees and/or benefits. A retainer fee may be required prior to services being rendered for services not otherwise covered by your membership benefits. Due to regulatory requirements, benefits and rates vary in certain states. The information contained on this material is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of plan coverage; only a plan contract can give actual terms, coverage, amounts, conditions, and exclusions. This plan covers city, county, and state law enforcement officers only.


This is a general overview of your legal plan coverage for illustration purposes only. See a plan contract for complete terms, coverage, amounts, and exclusions. 

Plan Limitations and Exclusions

Trial defense services: Matters not covered under plan benefits and which you may use your preferred member rate for services are: dependence; bankruptcy; divorce; separation; annulment; child custody or other divorce or domestic related matters; charges of DUI/DWI; drug related matters; hit and run; leaving the scene of an accident; and civil or criminal charges occurring as a result of operating a commercial vehicle with more than two axles. Plan benefits apply only two charges of job related criminal actions. Benefits do not cover instances in which you are named in a civil lawsuit or have criminal charges filed against you because you are listed as an owner, manager, or associate of the business and you had no direct involvement with the act or matter that gave rise to the lawsuit for criminal charge; lawsuits filed because of something that occurred prior to your enrollment or because of conditions that were reasonably anticipated or for seeable prior to your enrollment; class actions, interventions, or amicus curiae filings in which be covered member is a party; garnishment; attachment or any other appeal; claims, defenses, our legal positions which your provider law firm determines will not prevail in court war or frivolous or without merit. Administrative and termination hearing: not covered under this benefit our hearings and investigations or inquiries which result from any alcohol or drug related matter or allegation involving the use of chemicals. Also not covered our hearings resulting from matters arising other than from the direct performance of job responsibilities while on active duty, such as reduction in force or any other termination or separation from service unrelated to job performance. Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Motor vehicle legal services: representation under this benefit is provided when the member has a valid drivers license and is driving a properly licensed motor vehicle. Pre-existing conditions; charges of DUI/DWI related matter; drug related matters; hit and run related charges; leaving the scene of an accident; and unmeritorious cases are excluded. Commercial vehicles with more than two axles are not covered. Drivers license and personal injury/property damage recovery assistance is limited to 2 1/2 hours of lawyer time per claim, does not include the filing of a lawsuit, and excludes personal injury and property claims exceeding $2000. IRS audit legal services: coverage includes the return due on April 15 of the first membership year. Does not cover garnishment; attachment or any other appeal; class actions: interventions or amicus curiae filings; charges of tax fraud or income tax evasion's; trust returns; business and/or corporate tax returns; payroll and information returns; partnerships; corporation returns or portions thereof that are included in the members tax returns; pre-existing conditions where Member has been notified by the IRS prior to enrollment; and services rendered by an enrolled agent.

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